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Cortina Jackson

Co-Donation and Fundraising Director


TV/Film Producer

CEO of Acting Beyond Academy

 Actor. Talk Show Host. Author. Motivational Speaker-Championing Success after Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

Co-Donation and Fundraising Director


Cortina Jackson is the CEO of Acting Beyond Academy, and all-inclusive acting academy for first time actors. She is a TV producer with her talk show, “Caught on the Hook,” Where I Help You Recognize the Bait, on the Award-Winning ZondraTV Network. Cortina is a film producer, who has written, directed, and starred in her first feature film, “Daddy,” On Demand and Live also on the network.


She is the contributing writer and actress in the movies, “Dry Places,” and “Blind Trauma,” now available on Tubi and Amazon Prime respectively. She is an actor appearing in film, voice over projects, series, commercials, and training videos.


Cortina is a gifted author, who has written 2 fiction thriller novels, entitled, “On Earth as It Is In Hell” and “The Sounds of Silence Are the Loudest.” 


Cortina is also a motivational/transformational speaker and mentor on topics of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and success after trauma. She helps others to realize their life's purpose to achieve unimaginable success.


With over 20 years of law enforcement and criminal justice professions and education, Cortina speaks to audiences on, “What Makes You an Attractive Victim.”


She has turned traumatic abuse into passionate advocacy missions by connecting with other victims around the world; showing them that it is possible to break free from abusive relationships, overcome the trauma, and turn the pain into purpose.

Cortina holds 2 master’s degrees in safety and criminal justice, is the Co-Donation and Fundraising Director of the nonprofit You Can Be You, but being a mom to 2 amazing sons is still her favorite job!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

844.496.8226 ext. 708

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