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Team work



We are working on connecting with other local nonprofits to see what programs that they currently offer that we can refer our clients to and find out what programs need to be added to continue supporting the community.

  1. Metro Crest

  2. At The Crossroads

  3. Project Life

  4. Dare to Dream

  5. Project Transformation

  6. Family Place

  7. Hand Full of Corn



Working with Texas colleges, Universities, and organizations that offer scholarships to provide additional resources and information to our teens and adults. In the future we hope to be able to offer our own scholarship opportunities.



Team up with local sports organizations and teams to be able to add sports options for our children and teens. In addition to sports, we will also be looking into other activities and creating our own leagues as funding is available.

  1. Greater Youth Sports Association

  2. YMCA

  3. Boys & Girls Clubs of America

  4. I9 Sports North Dallas

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