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Dr. Erica Sheffield

Community Director

Dr. Erica Sheffield stands as a beacon of empowerment and resilience in her roles as the CEO and Founder of Anchored 2 Teach, LLC and Dr. Erica Speaks. She wears many hats with grace and determination, embodying the essence of an educational consultant, speaker, professor, author, and Can You Relate mentoring coach. As an international speaker, her reach extends across borders, gracing stages in remarkable locations such as Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; Rome, Italy; New York City, NY; Johannesburg, South Africa and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her story and branding have left an indelible mark on these international platforms, resonating with diverse audiences and inspiring change.


Her presence is not confined to the stage alone; Dr. Erica has been featured in numerous magazines, sought-after for podcasts, and a guest on various radio talk shows, and serves as Community Director for the nonprofit You Can Be You.


As an educator with a career spanning over 27 years, her impact has been felt at every level of education, from K-12 to the collegiate level. Her academic journey includes an Associate Professorship at the University of West Alabama for over two decades. Her influence extended as an educational consultant and district scheduler within the State of Alabama. Last year, she was appointed as a Research Associate in the Department of Institute for Pan African Thought & Conversation with the University of Johannesburg, South Africa for collaborative educational advancements and women empowerment.


Her personal journey is one of remarkable resilience. A survivor who has faced emotional bondage, failed suicidal attempts, divorce, depression, self-doubt, and the heart-wrenching loss of a 7-week-old daughter, Dr. Erica's story is one of transformation and triumph. Her experiences have molded her into a mentor, guiding others through their own challenges and inspiring them to shed their masks and embrace their destinies. She embodies the truth that life challenges are not endpoints, but steppingstones to achieving genuine happiness and success.


Apart from her many accomplishments, Dr. Sheffield is a published author of three books and co-author in several anthologies. She created daily affirmation cards for women empowerment, academic leaders, teachers, and students.


In her coaching practice, DARE 2 Be Great Online Queen Academy, she establishes a strong rapport with her clients, allowing them to feel seen and heard without judgment. Witnessing the tenacity of these individuals as they navigate through life's obstacles reaffirms her commitment to empowering others and fuels her passion for making a positive impact. In the educational sphere, Anchored 2 Teach, LLC. stands as a testament to her mission of nurturing confident educational leaders who forge inclusive, thriving learning environments. Anchored 2 Teach, LLC. equips school districts and administrators with seven strategies to cultivate an inclusive environment, where every teacher feels deeply valued and respected. Services are generated to assist school leaders with challenges related to school culture and climate, teacher turnover rate, inclusion coaching cycles, student motivation, and instructional strategies. With her DARE 2 Be Enough Online Academy, she guides men and women on a path to becoming educational consultants by boosting their confidence, competence, and cash flow. 


Dr. Sheffield is married with four adult children and four grandchildren.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

844.496.8226 ext. 707

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