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Ashley Kinney

Community Director

My Story

When it comes to people and business that is where Ashley excels. This all originally started in 1999 when she was working as a nurse. It was now her 11th year in nursing, and she realized that as much as she loved doing for and taking care of others, both her and her husband Richard were not taking care of our own health.  16 hours on her feet seemed like a regular occurrence and for Richard it was much the same as he was constantly on his feet as a door-to-door salesman. It was in that year that they decided that they wanted, no, wait need to make a change. Richard quickly discovered that they could create traffic online selling ads and earning money from different companies such as Amazon. Generating this income might just be enough that maybe they could build a business together. In addition to the ads, he saw that there was a need for web design. He started the long hard arduous task of teaching himself through online courses, teachers, and books on building websites. Once he had really learned the ins and out of web design everyone wanted one.  From companies that have products like tanning lotion to wedding venues from jewelry to PR Firms. When it came to websites, they all needed us.

On the websites his coding was amazing and really set the sites he created apart from other companies that did the same. The only problem was that they images, product photos, and headshots did not match the quality of the site. In 2003 Ashley decided to use the extensive background in photography she had to take higher quality photos for the websites they design. Still working as a nurse this was a high priority for her as she avidly believes that poor quality images will create poor quality sales. 


With the collaboration of the websites, coding, and photography was born. The only thing that was missing was the financing for both of them to leave their full-time jobs. They continued to save to bring their company to fruition, but multiple events easily caused setbacks. One such event was when client of the clinic attempted to drive their car into the doctor’s office leaving Ashley completely unsure of what to do and ready to just quit at that point. Instead, the doctor she worked for gave them the biggest break by not only retiring but also giving them the money, they needed to fully launch We seized the day and chose the road less traveled for Entrepreneurship and working as a husband-and-wife team. He was skill and tech. I was talent and image with relationship building.  At this point they decided that they had the money they needed, and it was time to seize the day. Time to be a powerhouse couple and join the forces of many other husband and wife teams in entrepreneurship. Richard worked the skill and tech end, developing and coding the sites. Ashley worked on the talent and image with relationship building.  


Ashley and Richard are growing still today through adding new features and abilities to their websites, increasing the photography options that are available to their clients, joining forces with other companies to be able to offer complete branding and not just a site, and the through giving back to the community.


Currently Ashley and Richard run a nonprofit for entrepreneurs and small business owners called DFW Business Accelerators, They are huge supporters and are very active with Boy scouts of America, Ashley is on the board of You Can Be You and nonprofit for youth and adults, and they both work with many other nonprofits to help anywhere they can.


Ashley has received may awards and recognitions throughout the business community including receiving the highly acclaimed 2021 Alignable Northwest Dallas Businessperson of the Year Award for connecting other businesses and helping to build relationships. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

844.496.8226 ext. 707

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