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Haley Howard

Program Director

My Story

Haley has been in the Real Estate Industry Since 2016. She is a Licensed Texas REALTOR, runs a Successful Wholesale Company (called LUSH Property Solutions), and is a MFRE Syndicator/Deal Sponsor. She is Jack of all Trades and Is on a Mission to Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams in The Real Estate Investment Business.

Marketing, Dispositions, as well as Investor Relationships are What She Excels at. She Strives to Show her students how to Also Obtain this Skill set to Leverage, Apply, and Execute to Take Their Business to the Next Level Virtually or building a brand through Social Media Marketing.

She has a passion for Land Flipping and Development Ever Since She Realized that You No Longer Have to Deal with the Headaches with Wholesaling Houses Than You Have to With Wholesaling Land.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

844.496.8226 ext. 704

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