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We Need Your Help

We are trying to help as many youth and adults break the bonds between a past that is completely undesirable and the future that they want. The only problem is that we cannot do this alone. We need the help of sponsors that work with both youth and adults, Sponsors and donors that so generously help us to create and sustain programs, workshops, food bank, clothing banks, and so much more. 

Many of the youth and adults have been through a past that is completely unimaginable to most people. They have suffered through rapes, abuse, drug addiction, addiction of those around them, sex trafficking's, robbery, depression, grief, assault, gun violence, and much more. Yes, this might be their past, but it does not dictate who they are, what they can become. We at You Can Be You™ with your help want to show them that they are not alone, and these labels are not the current nor their future regardless of their past.

We have the ability to help them turn  that past into a SUCCESSFUL future!

All Annual and Monthly sponsors will be added in the Annual You Can Be You™ Showcase magazine

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