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About Us

Breaking The Bonds™

By the age of 13 Jennifer had already faced so many challenges in life including racism from multiple races, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and abandonment by all the adults who should have protected her. At age 13, Jennifer was working full time and going to school so she could pay the rent, when her mother spent all the money on drugs.  At 15, Jennifer decided to make a change and move with older friends to California. This is where her life was changed forever. This change was created by an object that can move 2,600 feet per second. Let me explain while standing outside with her friends, Jennifer was shot in a random drive-by. It was in that hospital room that Jennifer not only decided she deserved a better future but demanded it. She made choices that would set the path of her life. The first thing she did was to get involved in any program, sport, and club she could, staying busy was the key that led her to where she is today. The achievements built her self-confidence and let her know that she was on the right path. Since then, Jennifer has earned three master’s degrees, has owned, and operated twelve (12) successful businesses and is on a path to change the lives of thousands of students and young adults through her public speaking.

Through talking to the youth Jennifer has discovered that there are not enough programs that children, teens, young adults, and adults can be part of. There are not enough sports. People feel alone. They need hope. From this You Can Be You™ was born.


Our Mission is to be that coach, teacher, and mentor to show you how to break the bonds between a non-desirable past and a brighter future.

This is done through creating programs, camps, and workshops. Working closely with counselors, Business leaders that can help to provide additional skills and close working relationships with schools and other non-profits to determine and address the needs that are affecting each community.

Your Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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