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You Can Be You Presents
Breaking The Bonds Youth Workshops

Practical Skills Workshops

Practical skills are self-help, lifesaving, and lessons that can be learned, taught, and practiced every day. This series of workshops are available both in person and virtual. Each segment teaches on a different skill or topic.

  • Money management

    • Understanding credit

    • Your paycheck and taxes

    • How money is spent

    • Needs vs. wants

    • Spending habits


  • Time Management

    • Goal setting

    • Tips and techniques

    • Maintaining Balance


  • Personal Change

    • Taking care of yourself

    • Positive inner self

    • Action Strategy

    • Positive thinking


  • Problem Solving

    • Skillful problem solving

    • The problem-solving process


  • Career Path

    • Careers

    • Mentoring intro

    • Resumes

    • Dress for Success

    • Interviews

  • Health and Nutrition

    • Exercise

    • Stretching

    • Workouts

    • Breathing

    • Nutrition

    • Food labels and packages


At YCBY we strive to provide a high-quality tutoring program that will not only help students in the short term in a single class but also over the long term to help support the goals they have set for themselves.

Currently, we provide tutoring in the following areas




Other subjects will become available as we have funds to hire more tutors

Tutoring chalkboard.jpg

Business mentors-

Teens are matched with business leaders in the field that the teen is interested in pursuing in the future.

  • This allows the teen to experience the career, ask questions, and see someone in action.

    • Ensures this is the correct career path for the student. 

    • Increases excitement about career path.

    • 3 Month time frame, during which there will be 1 face to face / shadow monthly and 1 phone / zoom call weekly for a minimum of 15 minutes.



1 on 1 mentors – Teens are mentored by someone who has been there. Like having a big sister or big brother. The only difference is they have been where you are and felt what you’re going through so the teen can relate to them.

  • Based on the availability of the teen and the mentor.

  • It is the hope that as teens finish the program that they will pay it forward and come back to be mentors to those just starting.

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