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Become A Sponsor to an Adult

Always remember that mentors have the ability to save lives and at You Can Be You™ we will support and give you the tools to help others. 

  • The ability and flexibility that can accommodate the diverse personalities and needs of the mentees.

  • A twelve-month commitment is preferred; however, the mentor can choose a commitment as low as three months as each mentee is with a mentor for three months

  • Training will be available for mentors before each matching, during mentoring, and after each three-month mentoring session

    • Mentor program guidelines

    • Expectations

    • Obligations

    • Relationship development

    • Additional training will be available later.

  • It is important for mentors to have realistic expectations of the youth. Please keep in mind many of the mentees have been let down by some or all the adults around them, don’t add to the list.

Please Help Us Help As Many People As We Can!

Your time is your donation and it can help more people than you could imagine!

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