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Ray Dent

Co-Donation and Fundraising Director

My Story

Living a life of service is Ray’s mission.

This is an asset that adds to his business knowledge. His ability to read people and understand their unique needs and wants give him vast experience in customer service and sales. This is shown in the fact that Ray has spent over twenty-five years caring for the needs of his customers.

Ray is the founder of Dent Enterprises LLC located in Desoto, Texas.

His company is a distributor of custodial supplies and equipment. Operating his company allows Ray to fulfill the customer portion of his mission, but its his association with nonprofits and ministries that allows him to live his live of service.   

Ray has served in various leadership positions within the DeSoto Citizens Police Academy Association from 2020 to 2022. He currently serves as a deacon at the Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. Right now, Ray is excited to serve as many as possible through his position on the board of You Can Be You.      


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

844.496.8226 ext. 705

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