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David Sheffield

Intake Director


Mr. David Sheffield, Jr. is a retired Deputy Sheriff for Tuscaloosa County where he served for 30 years in the career field of Law Enforcement. He was a dedicated Deputy Sheriff involved with other law enforcement members and agencies. Through his time there he saved many lives, increased community safety, and decreased crime rates.

He began his career as a Jail Guard overseeing nearly 200 inmates at a given time. He served in this capacity served as a Jail Guard for 3 years. After being selected to become a Deputy Sheriff one of the criteria was to complete the Police Academy Training. He completed the training and graduated from the University of Alabama Police Academy. He also served as a Narcotics Investigator for about 3 years during his tenure as Deputy Sheriff. He was assigned to the Gulf Coast Regional Task Force as a Special Deputy U S Marshal for three (3) years.

Mr. Sheffield is a Military Veteran with the United States Marine Corps. He is currently serving in the capacity as the Operational Assistant for Anchored 2 Teach, LLC and Intake Director for You Can Be You. Mr. Sheffield is married to Dr. Erica Sheffield, and they have four children and four grandchildren.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

844.496.8226 ext. 707

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