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Our Mission is to be that coach, teacher, and mentor to show you how to break the bonds between a non-desirable past and a brighter future.

We Need You


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Letter from Jennifer

               “There will never be enough words to thank you for your help”

     Your sponsorship or donation to You Can Be You is greatly appreciated and helps provide more than you will ever know. Coming from a tough background like so many other I can relate to what some of the youths today are going through. Then you also have those adults that were never able to deal with the trauma and are still struggling to cope every day. I was able to work through all I went through and that was done by staying active, involved, and completely focused on where I wanted to be. Today that is a harder thing to achieve as there are less programs, the sports require you to try out, and you are left feeling alone. It has been my dream for years to create an organization that could create those programs, have sports, and other activities to be a part of. A program that will help prepare you for the future, help you see your goals, and give you a place to let you know that you are never alone. Today I am so happy to say that You Can Be You™ is here but I need you as I cannot do this alone.


     The United States Trademark Registration Number is: 97482317 for the name You Can Be You™ and 97517357 for Breaking the Bonds™. The IRS authorized us as a non-profit organization IRS 501(c)(3). Please do not be tricked by others, unlawfully raising money in our name, without our permission, be careful donating.  


Jennifer Marcus

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